Juventus vs Napoli match scheduled but not confirmed yet

The first round of the Champions League has come to an end, and the main intrigue of the tournament is still ahead. The first matches of the group stage were not very successful for the teams. Juventus was defeated by Liverpool, and Napoli was beaten by Manchester United.
However, the main favorites of the season are Real and Barcelona. The latter has already managed to win the Champions league for the first time in its history. The club has already won the title of the most successful club in the world, and this time, it will be able to defend it.
The main rival of the Catalans is the team of Manchester United, which is also a favorite of the previous season. The Red Devils have already won one Champions league trophy, and they are the favorites of all the competitions in the English Premier league.
In the current season, the team has a good lineup, which can be called a real gem. The main players of the team are:
* Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Wayne Rooney.
All of them are able to decide the fate of the match in favor of their club.

The match of the two teams will be held on the 28th of August, and it will take place at the Camp Nou. The fans will be the first to know about the results of the game.
Will Juventus triumph again?
Juventus has a very good lineup. The team has the following players:
1. Zlatko Junuzovic. The Serbian midfielder is able to make a decisive contribution in the attack of the club. He is able, for example, to score a goal in the last minute of the decisive match.
2. Cristiano. The Portuguese winger is able not only to score but also to make an important contribution in defense.
3. Mario Mandzukic. The Croatian goalkeeper is able in the field to make several important saves.
4. Miralem Pjanic.
5. Giorgio Chiellini.
6. Douglas Costa.
7. summer signing: Antoine Griezmann.
8. Luca Pellegrini. The Italian coach has already made a good start of the new season.
It is very important for the team to have such a lineup, because the team is able win the championship. The following teams can be the main rivals of Juventus:
• Liverpool;
• Manchester United;
· Real Madrid.
Juve has a great chance to win again, because it has the best lineup in the Champions club tournament.
Napoli vs Barcelona
Barcelona is the main rival for the Catalonian team, because they have the following advantages:
· Long bench. The Catalans have a long bench, which allows them to rest players.
· Excellent lineup.
• A good coach.
Barça has the advantage of a long history of victories. It is the club that has won the Champions trophy for the second time.
There are also several factors that can help the Catalonians to win.
1st. Long distance. The teams are located in the same city, and Barcelona is able simply to leave Napoli behind.
Second. Good teamwork. The players of Barcelona know how to use the strengths of their rivals and achieve a positive result.
Third. Individual skills of the leaders.
Thus, the Catalons have a good chance to triumph. The match of Barcelona and Napolion is scheduled for the 28 of August.
Who will win the title?
The Catalonals have a chance to achieve a great result, because their lineup is very good. The coach of the Catalan team, Ernesto Valverde, has been working for a long time, and he has managed to find the right combination of players. He has chosen the following lineup for the match against Napoli:
* Messi;
2nd. Busquets;
3rd. Suarez;
4th. Rakitic;
5th. Griezman;
6th. Sergi Roberto;
7th. Messi;
8th. Suarez.
This lineup can be considered the best of the current generation. The leaders have the ability to decide a match in their favor.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the information about the matches of Barcelona, and you can also find the schedule of the upcoming matches.
Latest livescore football results of all matches
The new season of the Spanish championship is already in full swing, and now it is much easier to follow the livescore soccer results. The season has already ended, and many teams have already managed a good result. The most interesting matches of this season are the matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the match between Valencia and Real Madrid, which ended with a draw.
Despite the fact that the first matches were not successful for both teams, the fans of both teams can still enjoy the games of their favorite teams. The latest livescore results are available on the website of sports statistics, where you can find the latest information about matches of Real Madrid against Barcelona, or the match of Valencia against Real Madrid that ended with the draw.

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