How will the new PSG line-up for the next match

How will the new PSG line-up for the next match with Lille?
The team of Thomas Tuchel has been working for a long time on the improvement of the game and the development of individual skills. The first matches of the new season showed that the players have already managed to achieve this.
The main goal of the team is to win the Champion title. The team has already managed this in the previous season. However, it is necessary to go further.
In the Champions League, the team of Tuchel will be able to show its strength. The French coach has already shown that he is ready to make a number of substitutions, which will allow the team to demonstrate its maximum.
However, it will be extremely difficult for the team from Paris to win this tournament. The main rival of the PSG is the Lille team. The Ligue 1 is the strongest division in France. The club has already won the Champion’s title twice.

The new season of the Champions’ League promises to be a real test for the Parisians. The players will have to show their maximum in order to win gold medals.
Will the Parisian team be able not to miss the Champions’ League?
In general, the new Champions League will be very interesting for fans. The tournament is not only about the final, but also about the progress of the teams.
This season, the Paris club has a good chance to win all the trophies. The new coach of the Paris team, Thomas Tuche, has already showed a good game. The coach has managed to improve the game of the players and create a good atmosphere in the team.
It is very important for the club to win in the Champions league. This will allow it to get a place in the Europa League zone.
Who will be the main favorites of the season?
This year, the main favorite of the tournament is Barcelona. The Catalans have already won all the Champions trophies. This is a great opportunity for them to win more trophies.
Barcelona is a team that is always ready to attack the opponent. This has already been demonstrated in the season 2018/19. The previous season, Barcelona was the main rival for Real Madrid. The two clubs met in the final of the UEFA Champions League.
Despite the fact that the Catalans were the favorites of that match, they were defeated by the Royal club. This was a real disappointment for the fans.
Now, the Catalons are the main competitors of Real Madrid in the domestic arena. This season, they have a good opportunity to win trophies. However the main goal for the Catalonians is to get into the Champions club.
How will Barcelona’s lineup look in the new match with Real?
Barça has a very good lineup. This year, it has already become much stronger. The squad of Ernesto Valverde has a lot of experience in the international arena. The Spanish coach has always been ready to use the strongest lineup.
Valverde’s team has a great chance to achieve its goals. The season 2018 has already demonstrated that the club has the potential to win everything.
If the Catalonian lineup is not the main contender for the title, then the main rivals of Barcelona are:
· PSG;
· Liverpool;
· Juventus.
All these teams have a great lineup. However they are not the strongest ones.
What are the chances of Barcelona to win a lot in the next season?
Barcelonas lineup is very good. This allows the club not to make many mistakes in matches. This can be demonstrated by the fact, that the team has won the Champions trophy for the first time in its history.
At the same time, the club needs to improve its game. This includes the following issues:
1. Individual skills of the leaders.
2. Individual game of players.
3. Coaching.
4. Tactical decisions.
5. Physical condition of the athletes.
6. Motivation.
7. Time management.
8. Successful teamwork.
9. Communication.
10. Individual skills.
11. Individual game.
12. Coaching skills.
This is why the team can win a great number of trophies. It is very difficult to win only one trophy. However this season, it looks like the Catalona lineup is able to achieve all the goals.
Do you think that the Barcelona lineup will be enough for the victory in the tournament?
Yes, it can be said that the lineup of the Catalonna is the best in the world. However it is not enough for winning all the cups.
Many teams have the same lineup, but they have different players. For example, Liverpool has the following lineup:
• James Milner;

• Sadio Mane;

• Mohamed Salah;

• Roberto Firmino;
• Sadio Mané;
It can be noted that the main stars of the club are: Salah, Mane, Milner, Firminho, Mane.
These players have different roles in the lineup. For the first two, it’ll be very difficult for them not to win many trophies.

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