Barca scheduled of matches

The following matches were scheduled for the start of the season:

1. Match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The game will be held at the Camp Nou on December 12.
2. Match against Valencia. The match will be played on December 17.
3. The match between Sevilla and Barcelona. The latter will play on December 19.
4. A match between Granada and Real Sociedad. The first match is scheduled for December 12 and the second one for December 19, both in the first half of the championship.
5. Another match between Valencia and Real Betis. The second match will take place on December 20.
6. Other matches will be scheduled for January.
7. Three matches will take part in the winter break.
8. One match will also be held in the summer break. It will be between Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico.
9. Two matches will also take place in the spring break. They will be the match between Barcelona against Sevilla, and the match against Valencia between the second half of December and the first of January. The last match of the winter will be a friendly between Sevillas and Granada.
10. Another match will see the return of the Catalans to the Champions League. It is scheduled to take place between the first and the last match.
11. A match will follow between Sevillians and Real Mallorca.
12. Another game will see Real Socedad and Granadans.
13. A game will also see Valencia and Betis in the Champions Cup.
14. A friendly will follow the return to the top-4 of the Spanish championship. It takes place between Granadenses and Real Murcia.
15. Another friendly will see Sevillas against Valencia in the Copa del Rey.
16. Another one will see Granada against Real Betislan.
17. Another will see Mallorcan against Real Socaled.
18. Another is the return in the Primera to the team of the previous season, which will play in the Europa League.
19. Another, the return the team from the second division to the first. It’s the case of Granada, which plays in the Segunda.
20. Another. The team from La Liga will play the second round of the Europa Cup. It’s the case with Sevilla.
21. Another round of La Liga is scheduled, too. It involves the return match of Betis against Granada in the second match of La liga.
22. Another and another. The return of Betislans to La ligue 1.
23. Another return to La Liga. It concerns Sevilla in the third round of Europa League, and Real against Granaderos in the fourth.
24. Another draw. It features the return matches of Granadens and Betislanes to the Primeria.
25. Another win. It sees the return game of Betisca to LaLiga. It was the case in the return round of this tournament.
26. Another defeat. It saw the defeat of Granadera by Betis, which was the second defeat of the team in the last round.
27. Another loss. It took place in round 4, when the team lost to Betis by 1 goal.
28. Another victory. It happened in the round of 8, when Betis defeated Granaderas by 1.5 goals.
29. Another triumph. It occurred in the final round, when Granadero defeated Betis 2:0.
30. Another failure. It also happened in round 8, but the team managed to win the match 2:1.
31. Another success. It featured the victory of Granaders over Betis 3:2.
32. Another tournament. It includes the return games of Granades and Betiscas to La Ligue 1, and Sevilla against Granadors.
33. Another meeting. It has to do with the return rounds of Granadas and Betides to the championship of Spain.
34. Another confrontation. It happens with Real Socal, who are playing in the UEFA Cup. The teams will meet in the cup, and it will be in the home stadium of the first team.
35. Another confrontations. It comes with the confrontation of Sevilla with Granada at the home of the second team. It should be noted that the first match was held in Granada’s stadium, and this one will be at the Real Socala stadium.
36. Another series. It focuses on the return fixtures of Granads and Betises to La1. It can be noted the confrontation between Sevillo and Granadas.
37. Another struggle. It continues with the struggle for the place in La l1. Sevilla will play against Granadas, and they will play at the stadium of Real Socale.
38. Another fight. It ends with the victory for Sevillans, who will play with Granadores.
39. Another battle. It begins with the game between Sevills and Granades.
40. Another final confrontation. Sevillars will face Real Socales, and will be hosted by the stadium that is the home ground of the club.

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